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14 March 2004

Well, I’ve been doing some more research into P2P Internet TV, and have had some good results. A couple of days ago, a new version of Peercast was released (in beta). I’ve got that running on my computer and am now broadcasting a radio station to the world! Admittedly, no one’s actually listening (although 3 people were earlier), but its got potential. I figured out how to add microphone input, so between songs I’m now doing a bit of Alan Partridge style spiel.

Anyway, if you want to listen and have Peercast installed, follow this link and you’ll find me called something like “Internet P2P TV (radio for now) Research Test”. If you’re listening and want to request a song or have a “big shout out for the home crew” on the radio, just let me know in the comments to this post. I get an email as soon as someone makes a comment, so I can do a big shout out straight away (if I’m actually broadcasting when you write a comment, that is).

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